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X-Ray vision for your mobility offering

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Intelligent Mobility

With iGo Analytics, easily harness and visualise Big Data. Instant, interactive, real-time analysis of what’s actually happening across your mobility offering. Draw concrete recommendations that drive more customer bookings, more often.

Our Passenger to Driver B2B Mobility platform is already processing over 1 million customer trips each and every day. Our rich dataset captures all the information pertaining to every trip – so you can improve your customer proposition – where to deploy your fleet, at what times and in what quantities.

iGo Analytics is a powerful Business Intelligence solution built to help mobility providers understand their business, make informed decisions and measure the impact of the changes they make. Analytics shows what’s working and what’s not, from start to finish, across the entire business, all in real-time. Analytics scales with any mobility business, as an end-to-end analytics solution designed and developed exclusively for trip providers