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What is iGo

iGo is the UK’s largest network of taxi and private hire operators in 35 countries around the world. Giving instant access to a range of vehicle types, the iGo platform provides pre-book and on demand capability for your corporate customers and their business travellers.

White Labelled Solutions

Corporate Accounts Portal

Comprehensive application of every aspect of travel policy, with the application rules and guidelines to trips by employee and cost code-plus pre-trip approval processes if required.
With CAP, the world of taxis can be brought within the portfolio of TMC managed services. Whether the booking is made by the web or an App, the policy is always applied.

"This has more than we will ever need" Travel Buyer

Web Ebooker

Intuitive web-based booking platform that delivers instant confirmations and provides you with certainty about the arrival times and pick up points of your vehicle. Linked to your corporate travel policy and payment methods, simply book, track and pay

Passenger App

State of the art App, with a user-friendly interface and smart set up that provides travellers with total confidence about their booking. Seamlessly linked with your corporate policy and a choice of advance and on-demand booking times, vehicle types, vehicle and driver identification and tracking, means no more hailing a cab or paying by cash.

"I just love the App, so easy to use and won’t need any training" - Travel Buyer


Intended as a contactless payment system, debit cards, credit cards and virtual cards (on the Conferma Pay platform) can be used, providing travellers with a wide range of choices for either business or personal use.

Benefits of the iGo
Business Travel Taxi Management Solution

White-labelled and completely customisable to your business means customer relationship and ownership stays with you and not a third-party provider.

Incremental revenue opportunity and a valuable lead generator for new business, especially in the growing unmanaged travel segment. “Everyone uses taxis for business”, means you’ll never leave a networking event without a potential new customer again.

Added value proposition for corporate customers who need and want to apply policies to ground transport in a very fragmented marketplace.

Choice of high or low touch options when it comes to making bookings.

Build your brand awareness and loyalty with a much broader base of customers particularly those who are infrequent or domestic travellers

Range of Vehicle Types

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