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The iGo Booking Management System rocks!

Boasting over 1 million trips booked per day, in 550+ cities around the world. Our Booking Management System has already won the trust of over 1000 organisations around the world who rely on our software to manage their mobility business.

Wherever your customers are, whenever they want to use your service, whichever device they wish to use… connect your business with iGo.Anywhere

Seamless integration with your existing booking, accounting, ERP and customer care software - means you're up and running in a fraction of the time of a self-build with the entire iGo team to support you.

iGo Booking: Corporate Account Portal

Power at their fingertips. Fast, efficient, global

Our self-service platform allows large organisations to book their transportation requirements direct with you through a powerful Corporate Account Portal. Empower Heads of Department, Administrators, PAs and Office Managers at one or more sites with the ability to book direct. They can set budgets and spend limits, hours or operation and much, much more. Thousands of journeys… one portal and one monthly invoice.

iGo Booking: Web Booking

Add a feature-rich online booking form to your website

Seamlessly linked with the iGo Booking Management System and super-easy to deploy; allow passengers to book trips online, in real-time, through your web properties
Mobile optimised, bookings can be made on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

iGo Booking: Call Centre

Automated Telecoms to support the busiest fleet operators

Our highly intelligent telecommunications system specifically designed for companies offering fleets of vehicles maximises call handling capabilities by reducing missed calls and increasing the volume of incoming calls answered.

Our customers can achieve up to 70% automation levels and, at the same time, increase productivity and reduce staff overheads with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) without any human supervision. Eliminate calls from passengers asking about their booking by recognising a caller’s phone number and providing an automated response that includes an ETA. Freeing your call-centre staff to focus on new bookings.

iGo Booking: Chatbot

Utilise AI and take bookings via Facebook Messenger

Our Award-Winning Facebook Messenger Chatbot has been specifically designed with millennials in mind. A new generation of customers are spending more and more time within Messenger – with iGo Chatbot, your customers can book trips without the need to even download or use your app – a new channel, a new customer base, a new revenue stream!